Join Our CSA!

The 2024 CSA is now sold out. Sunbeam will have a small Fall CSA with registration beginning in august.

How does it work?

  1. At the beginning of the season, customers purchase CSA credits. The credits can be used to purchase produce throughout the entire season, starting May 1st until February 1st, 2025. All credits must be used by February 1, 2025. Any credits not used by February 1, 2025 will be void.

  2. Customers have the option of purchasing store credits in either $500 or $300 amounts. Sunbeam will add 10% more store credits to the amount purchased. Purchase $500 in store credits and receive $50 of free credits. Purchase $300 in store credits and receive $30 of free credits

  3. Credits can be used to purchase produce at Sunbeam’s online store or at any of the farmers’ markets that we attend.

  4. Instead of receiving a bag of vegetables determined by the farmer, the customer gets to choose the vegetables they want.

  5. Customers have the option to transfer all or some of the credits at any time to another family member or friend. Just notify us in writing and we will take care of the rest.

  6. CSA members can order online beginning each Monday afternoon until Wednesday at 4:00 PM.
     (The store will close at this time.)  

  7. Sunbeam promises to provide a wide variety of vegetables throughout the season for members to choose from.

Pick-up Locations,
Days of the Week and Times


Frequently Asked Questions

When Does CSA Begin?

In 2024 we plan to start on Thursday, May 2. This will continue until the end of the season, February 1, 2025. (Please realize Mother Nature might force us to change the start and/or end date).

I was late to pick-up to my site and I missed my bag, can I still recieve my bag?

If you are able to email or phone Cynthia within 24 hours, we can make arrangements for you to pick-up your box. If you fail to contact us, your box will be donated.  

Do I have to order each week?

This is one of the many advantages for this type of CSA. You can use as many or as little of your store credits whenever you choose to.  

Can I send someone to pick-up my bag if I can't be there?

Yes! If you cannot pick up your order yourself, simply send a substitute!

How will I know what is available to purchase online?

Each Monday afternoon you will receive an email listing the items that are available for the week with a shop button that send you directly to the store. You use your store credits to purchase the veggies you want for the week and choose a pick-up location. The store closes on Wednesday at 4:00 PM.

What happens if I do not spend all of my credits by the end of the season?

Unfortunately, you will lose the store credits that have not been spent. Please remember, at any time and as often as you wish, you can gift store credits to a person/family member of your choice. We want our customers to use all of their store credits, but we cannot afford to carry store credits from one season to the next.

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