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Our certified organic vegetable farm is located in Alexandria, Ohio and has been family owned and operated since 2011.
At Sunbeam, Mother Nature is the boss! That’s why we follow her lead. As farmers, we are deeply invested in the health of our vegetables, living in harmony with nature’s seasons and cycles. The best way to keep plants healthy is to follow nature’s lead. We take pride in the fact that our efforts to improve soil quality and health are reflected in the flavor and nutrition of the produce we offer. By using minimal tillage, organic compost, plant-based organic fertilizers, organic weed and insect control, cover crops and crop rotations, Sunbeam has developed rich soils to grow our vegetables.
 The results? Vegetables that look and taste like Mother Nature intended-fresh, bold flavored and delicious with an amazingly long shelf life.

Our Team

Sunbeam Family Farm Owners

Chuck and Cynthia's interest in healthy eating, cooking, and sustainable living played a huge part in the creation of Sunbeam Family Farm.

Cynthia is a retired elementary school teacher, spending 37 rewarding years in the classroom. Her health-conscious lifestyle and extensive knowledge on whole foods and homeopathic medicine helped her make a seamless transition into organic farming. She especially enjoys working the Saturday Granville Markets as well as the indoor winter market — ask her for new recipe ideas.

Chuck is also a retired educator, serving most of his 39 years in education as a high school principal. During his time with the Granville Schools, he pioneered a school lunch program that featured healthy, fresh, and local food.  

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Sunbeam Family Farm

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The 2024 CSA is now sold out. Sunbeam will have a small Fall CSA with registration beginning in august.

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