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Farmers and Staff

Ben Dilbone

Ben brings the growing experience and know-how to Sunbeam Family Farm's operation.  Ben discovered his passion for organic farming while pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies and has spent many a summer working on other farms before returning to his hometown to begin Sunbeam with his family.  His dedication to the craft of farming and solid work ethic have been instrumental in the farm's development and success.   

Ben is passionate about local food and loves to share his knowledge with his family and fellow workers. 

Chuck and Cynthia Dilbone

Chuck and Cynthia's interest in healthy eating, cooking, and sustainable living played a huge part in the creation of Sunbeam Family Farm. 

Cynthia is a retired elementary school teacher, spending 37 rewarding years in the classroom.  Her health conscious lifestyle and extensive knowledge on whole foods and homeopathic medicine helped her make a seamless transition into organic farming.  She especially enjoys working the Saturday/Tuesday Granville Markets as well as the indoor winter market - ask her for new recipe ideas.

Chuck is also a retired educator, serving most of his 39 years in education as a high school principal.  During his time with the Granville Schools he pioneered a school lunch program that features healthy, fresh, and local food.  Chuck can often be found in the kitchen preserving the farm's bounty through canning, pickling and fermenting. 


How Does a CSA Work?October 10th, 2019

The 2019 Fall CSA program is now closed.  We will begin registration for the 2020 Summer CSA in December.  CSA members who register in December will receive a %10 discount - the lowest price

Registration Form and Information SheetSeptember 9th, 2019

CSA Registration for 2019 Fall Program continues.   You can register on line by accessing the CSA Online tab or if you want to send your registration form to Sunbeam you can click on the button b

Aspiring Farm InformationNovember 28th, 2018

Organic Farming Positions                        Sunbeam Family Farm is looking for

The 2019 Summer CSA Program is now closed.  We have had a tremendous response to this season's CSA and unfortunately we have no more CSA memberships left.  We will begin registration for the Fall/Winter CSA program in September.  

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