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Our mission at Sunbeam Family Farm is to build a connection between soil, grower, and community using organic practices.  We are focused on our responsibility as land stewards to restore soil to a balanced, healthy state.  We believe that healthy soil nurtures healthy plants which in turn promotes healthy people and communities.  Soil remineralization, cover cropping, minimal tillage, and compost are some of the farming techniques we utilize to help create a soil ecosystem that will produce vegetable crops with improved flavor, higher nutritional content, and longer shelf life. 

Sunbeam also feels strongly about sustainability and the ecological health of our planet.  We limit our carbon footprint whenever possible through the use of handtools over machinery, reusing materials, opting for renewable sources of energy when possible, and following organic standards that prohibit the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Sunbeam Family Farm is proud to provide the community with certified organic produce.  We encourage the "farm-to-table" concept as a means to enrich a family's life through deliberate food choices and conscious eating.  It is our passion, and we hope you enjoy!


How Does a CSA Work?October 10th, 2019

The 2019 Fall CSA program is now closed.  We will begin registration for the 2020 Summer CSA in December.  CSA members who register in December will receive a %10 discount - the lowest price

Registration Form and Information SheetSeptember 9th, 2019

CSA Registration for 2019 Fall Program continues.   You can register on line by accessing the CSA Online tab or if you want to send your registration form to Sunbeam you can click on the button b

Aspiring Farm InformationNovember 28th, 2018

Organic Farming Positions                        Sunbeam Family Farm is looking for

The 2019 Summer CSA Program is now closed.  We have had a tremendous response to this season's CSA and unfortunately we have no more CSA memberships left.  We will begin registration for the Fall/Winter CSA program in September.  

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